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The editor tells you, have you made these mistakes in the storage of summer cosmetics?

In summer, how do you put the bottles and cans on your desktop? Many people have their own storage boxes for cosmetics, but many people do it easily. In fact, there are many specifications for the preservation of cosmetics. , Today I will talk to you about the points that you should remember.

What is the difference between cosmetic OEM, OBM and ODM, have you really figured it out?

Cosmetic OEMs have strict requirements for R&D laboratories. Not that the cosmetics processing company has its own R&D department, but if there is a department engaged in the design of new product series or a department that works closely with customers to develop new concepts, it will be even more powerful.

What is the difference between cosmetic OEM, OBM and ODM, have you really figured it out?

Cosmetic manufacturers are divided into three types of OEM, OBM and ODM, of which OEM and ODM are more common. Cosmetics OBM is for processing manufacturers to operate their own brands, but it costs and energy far exceeds OEM and ODM, and it will easily cause conflicts with customers, processing manufacturers rarely do OBM. Cosmetic OEM refers to the manufacturing formula, process technology, quality standard, brand trademark, etc. provided by the customer brand, and the OEM is responsible for processing the materials. Cosmetic ODM can provide customers with one-stop service from product development, design and manufacturing to product maintenance.

Long-term use of hormone-containing products becomes a hormone face, what should I do? How to crack?

When using hormone-containing products and replacing them with pure natural products, a few people will have symptoms such as blushing, fever, itching, and acne. This is called hormone hypersensitivity. Don’t mistakenly think that the newly purchased product is not good, and you switch back to the original hormone-containing product. Although the symptoms will be relieved immediately, it will continue to go further and further on the "hormonal" road~

How can brands avoid homogeneous competition in the era of cosmetics processing?

Nowadays, the cosmetics processing industry is becoming more and more common, but at the same time the homogenization competition is becoming more and more fierce. If you want to create a cosmetics brand, how should you avoid homogenization competition?

For girls who make up for the first time, which cosmetics must be bought?

Everyone usually wears makeup. What are the cosmetics used? Different people like different makeup. Different makeup needs to use different cosmetics, simple makeup uses very few cosmetics, probably only a few cosmetics can be done.
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